My 4 Step Formula To Healthier Families

Healthier Family Step By Step Guide

Let's face it. Eating healthy can be difficult, confusing, and challenging.
And encouraging the whole family to eat healthy
is a whole undertaking of its own.

Here, you will find the easy 4 core health habits and resources that I focus on
for myself as well as for my family that help encourage and maintain
healthy habits for Mom, Dad, and Kids.

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Healthy Eating For The Family


Healthy Eating For parents & Kids

We all know that eating healthy is key to a thriving life. But why is it that we over complicate it with diets, calorie counting, portion control, and other frustrating eating fads? We need to retrain our brain to go back to the basics of how our body is designed to eat and process food. 

Just by adding in more whole foods to your diet, you'd be surprised by how much better you feel, and how much more energy you have.

Check out the FUN kid (and adult) friendly health challenge, eating tips, and more!

Physical Activity For The Whole Family


Family Physical Activity - No Gym Required

Moving our bodies is an essential part of healthy living. Exercise is more than just about weight loss. Keeping active gives us more energy and can improve our mood. Working out does not have to be hours spent in the gym. In fact, the more variety and fun you can add to exercise, the more apt you are to stay consistent and make it a healthy habit.

Check out some of our family's favorite ways to move and stay active! 

Hydrate Your Body With Water


Fun Ways to keep the family hydrated

Water! The most basic need for our bodies to function. Staying hydrated is crucial as we are constantly losing water, even when we're not sweating. Learn about the simple ways I have found to keep myself and my kids hydrated during all seasons so that we are not running on empty.

Check out our favorite hydration app!

Regain Sleep & Reduce Stress


Regain Sleep & Reduce Stress - family hacks

Our mental health tends to go by the wayside most days, but controlling our stress levels and getting adequate sleep is just as important as our physical health. Focusing on our mental health will make us feel better and help our bodies to function better which then leads to better health choices and allows our health goals to be more attainable.

We have discovered some helpful tools in our family that have helped to decrease our stress levels as well as help us stay consistent with our sleep habits.

Learn how we stay cool, calm, collected, and rested!