Stop Living In Fear

Stop Living Life In Fear

When 11,000 people were asked...”What stands between you and where you want to be”.
The #1 answer that rose to the very top…..FEAR!

When we are children, fear is only ghosts in closets, alligators under the bed, and boogey monsters downstairs. But as we grow up, fear becomes paralyzing thoughts that hold us back from truly becoming who we are designed to be. 

Fearful of Life

As a kid, I was always a happy go lucky, care-free, live in the moment kind of spirit. No real fears in the world, lots of smiles, and would wave to anyone who looked my way. It's strange how far away from this carefree, fearless life we get the more experiences we have.

High School, College, Parenthood will all take a toll on our confidence. Is our hair styled right? Are our clothes acceptable? Do I have enough money? Am I asking the right questions? Am I disciplining correctly? Is my child behaving properly in public? So many social "rules" to adhere to that life can get blurry and become a popularity, materialistic, race instead of an enjoyable journey full of experiences, joy, and love.

In my upper twenties, after hitting a rock bottom, I decided to take control over my life and say 'YES' to owning my own life and business. I was terrified, had no idea what I was doing, and was terrified of failing. I tended to procrastinate on doing the "hard", yet important, parts of my life, made excuses as to why I wasn't succeeding, and often ran from the chance to grow and learn more. 

Hitting Rock Bottom Because Of Fear

This way of living and thinking was taking its toll on my business and life. I did not want to admit it, but I was living in a great state of fear. I decided to take life by the horns and do the things that scared me. When I became resistant to growth or when I came up with an excuse as to why I shouldn't or couldn't do something, I quickly realized that those were the things that I needed to be doing. Stop...Drop...and DO! 

I began reading (lots of reading) personal development books. I joined a book club to hold me accountable. I began meditating, which felt completely awkward and weird at first, but because it felt that way, I knew I must need to be doing it. I began using my ears and mouth in the ratio that they have been given to me (listen twice as much as I talk). I began analyzing those moments of frustration, anger, and resentment and realized those feelings stemmed from insecurities, doubts, and fear. I began to own my life, and take 100% responsibility for all of my actions and reactions.

Over the last several years, I have grown to appreciate and respect fear. While fear is a necessary struggle to have in order to live a thriving life, it is important to not let fear dictate your life or paralyze you from growth. It's like going up a hill on a roller coaster. You are so scared going up, the harness that straps us to our seats holds us in from jumping off. As we prepare to go through the fear part of the coaster we can either close our eyes tight and hope that it's over soon, or we can throw our hands up and ride fear to the other side where lies confidence, bravery, fearlessness, vulnerability, and success. 

Roller coaster Fearless

Today, right now, in this moment, choose to face fear with your hands up. It may be scary and challenging, but if it doesn't challenge us, it won't change us. Do the things that scare you the most, and after you come off of that roller coaster, you realize that it wasn't so scary after all and you typically want to hop back on and ride again. You will be scared, you will be fearful, but don't let it stop you from being the greatness you were meant to be. 

Live Life Fearless With Confidence