Preventative Care With Whole Food Nutrition

Reducing Illness and Increasing the Quality of Life  

Preventative Care with Whole Food Nutrition

Preventative Care with Whole Food Nutrition

Preventing illness through health and nutrition is far more valuable than treating an illness with medication. Preventative care is more affordable and the quality of life is far greater than the life of constantly treating an illness. 

FACT: The average person spends between $6000-$12,000/year to maintain their vehicle. Oil & filter changes, Tire services, Car washes, state inspections, brake services, transmission maintenance, and the list goes on.

We know that if we do not maintain our cars and keep up on our routine services, that our cars will deteriorate and before we know it, we will have to purchase another car or spend even MORE money to do a complete overhaul. So, to avoid this crisis, we make sure we fuel our cars properly, and maintain them consistently.

So, where am I going with all of this? We know as humans, that if we don't properly fuel our bodies, they too WILL deteriorate. We WILL get sick and possibly contract diseases. I'm sure some of us do a little bit of preventative care, but for the majority there is nothing being implemented in their lives nor their children's lives. Our fuel and maintenance comes from our food, exercise, and even our mental state. If you take care of your body and treat it like your $20,000+ car, and use preventative care to maintain your body, then you will get sick less, which means saving money from going to the doctors, medications, and even avoiding long term health issues.

A person's food intake affects mood, behavior, and brain function. So if the majority of your diet consists of fast food, processed foods, sugar, and little to no whole foods, then ask yourself how you really feel? Are you irritable, moody, tired, lacking energy, sluggish, depressed, unsettled? If you can answer yes to a lot of those then you are probably malnourished. That doesn't mean you're hungry, but that you aren't fueling your body with the proper nutrients it needs to function at it's optimum level. Once you begin to fuel your body with whole food nutrition then you begin to feel happy, excited, motivated, energetic, and full of LIFE!!

You may use preventative care on your car, but if you don't use preventative care on your bodies, then it doesn't matter what or who you have in your lives, b/c you won't be able to enjoy them to the quality that you or they deserve. By altering your diet and adding more plant based foods, you will be enhancing the quality of life. What is the quality of your life worth to you?