How To Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Tips And Tricks To Stay On Track With Your Workout Plan

Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

You can't do one workout once in a while and expect to see results with your health and fitness. It is tough staying consistent and motivated. You can have the best workout plan in the world, but if you don't apply the work, then you will never get anywhere. The only way to see results is to be consistent with your workouts. Here are some tips on how to stay consistent with your health and fitness.

  1. Give Yourself A Daily Challenge.

    If you go to the gym or even workout at home, not having a goal in mind will most likely cause you to waste time trying to figure out what to do and you will become unmotivated and will likely end your workout sooner than anticipated. 

    If you give your workouts a real purpose with a daily challenge or goal, then you will find yourself staying much more consistent. Having a plan is part of the equation to success! If you set a long-term goal then it will seem impossible to reach that goal. But if you break it down into small daily challenges, you will find yourself excited to complete the task at hand. And if you miss a workout, then you've missed your goal.

    Some examples of these daily challenges or goals should be something relatively easy to reach with some effort. It could be 5 pushups on your toes, running non-stop for 3-5 minutes, or even doing one more set of lunges then last week across the floor. These goals are difficult but are achievable!

  2. Sign Up For An Event. 

    If there is something in your area like a 5k or mini triathlon go ahead and sign up for it. This will give you the incentive you need to workout harder and stronger at the gym or at home. When you have an event coming up, there's no changing the date when you'd like. Having a goal like this will help you stay accountable and train because you know you have to perform!

  3. Track You Progress

    You can track your progress in many ways. You can log how many times a week you are working out, you can take 'before' photos, measure your body, or even weigh yourself on a scale. Then be sure to follow up with your progress every week or at least twice a month so you can look back and actually see the progress that you are making. When you track your progress and you see those changes, then it encourages you to keep going. And if you don't see those changes, then it will still motivate you to try harder every week so that you will see those changes!

  4. Refresh Your Playlist

    Try finding new songs that you can listen to while you work out! Every week try and add a new song and you will find yourself looking forward to going to the gym or working out so you can hear your new tunes!

Keep these easy to follow tips in mind when you feel like you start to lose motivation or need help to stay in the game. When you know how to plan and stay motivated, then you will succeed!