How To Read a Nutrition Label

Nutrients In Your Food

Nutrition Labels

Knowing how to read a Nutrition Label is essential to obtaining healthier eating habits. We can't just assume that an item is good for you by reading the front of the box because most of the time those front labels can be deceiving and confusing.

Fat-Free, Low Carb, No Sugar, Low Fat. These are some of the labels we will see on the front of food boxes. Usually what this means is that they have taken something else, and in turn replaced it with another, not-so-good ingredient. For instance, be careful of foods that say "Fat-Free". When you take the fat out of foods you are essentially taking out the flavor. When you lack flavor, no one will purchase the product. They found if you replace the fat with a ton of sugar, then you will never miss the fat. However, too much sugar can be dangerous and not good for our bodies and most of us consume it on a regular basis.

If you can learn how to read labels successfully, then you will be one step closer to reaching those fitness goals. It's about eating whole clean foods, exercising regularly, and never giving up!

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