How I Get My Kids To Eat Healthy

Getting Kids To Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Healthy Food For Kids

Healthy Food For Kids

Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can be tough. Even when we sneak them into foods they enjoy eating, they always seem to sniff them out and pick them off their plate. If you are like me, and have an extremely picky eater, then you know that no matter how hard you beg, plead, bargain, or even threaten them, those stubborn picky eaters will hold their ground. Well, I have cracked the picky eater code and I am now am able to get SO many fruits, vegetables, and berries into my picky eater so that when she does stick her nose up at healthy foods, I'm okay with it.

Smoothies! We have been feeding my daughter smoothies since she was 9 months and she is now 6 years old and will go for her smoothie at snack time over anything else! I pack her smoothies with spinach, chia seeds, carrots, some kind of nut butter, banana, pineapples, berries, and any other health food I have on hand to cram in there. I whizz it up in the blender and then she enjoys drinking her salad in a smoothie!

In addition to my daughter’s smoothies, she also eats her fruit, veggie, and berry gummies. I LOVE this stuff and as a mom I love knowing that she is consuming over 30 raw fruits, veggies, and berries every day. Vine ripened, better than organic, non-gmo powdered produce!

And the last thing I try to do to implement healthy eating in my picky eater is always getting her to TRY new foods. Does she eat every bite? No. Does she sometimes take the tiniest little mouse nibble? Yes. Do I force it down her throat? No. I gain her trust and respect by asking her to at least try the new food and after she does, I leave it alone! I think health and nutrition is SO important to stress in our children as early as possible. And even though they may not have all the colors of the rainbow on their plate just yet, they are watching us and our habits. So, be that healthy role model and trust that they will eventually follow suite.