How A Busy Mom Detoxes

A Detox Cleanse Made For A Busy Life

Detoxing For Busy Moms

Detoxing For Busy Moms

Detoxes have always terrified me. Being a busy mom of 2 children and currently nursing one of them, I felt that a detox would just deplete my body instead of boosting my body and just make me feel hungry all the time. But then I discovered the AMAZING Shred 10 Program. This program not only allows me to detox without depleting my body, but instead it pumps my body FULL of nutrients, allows me to eat when I'm hungry, and eliminates all the foods that I should be avoiding anyway, especially while I'm nursing!

Shred 10 is a 10 day jumpstart where you eat when you’re hungry & avoid foods that aren’t serving our bodies well. It focuses on getting adequate sleep, water, and exercise. One of my FAVORITE parts is the online FaceBook support group. We have lots of like minded individuals who are ready to shred together. It is such an amazing community where we share recipes, thoughts, struggles, accomplishments, workouts, and so much more. It's wonderful to be a part of a group of people committing to health.

I have completed the Shred MANY times and am starting a fresh Shred10 today as we speak! I can say first hand, that after the 10 days are over, there is a clarity you have that feels amazing! Cravings are reduced, bloating in the belly is gone, energy is high, sleep is better, mood is more stable, which is a biggie when you have kids. After the 10 days, I go into maintenance mode where I maintain the healthy habits that I've practiced but still allow myself a treat now and then. However, I can honestly say that I don't crave junkie foods after those 10 days. Then, I simply repeat the Shred every month! Being a busy on-the-go mom, even planning meals is easy on the Shred 10, especially with the meal plans that are incorporated in the FaceBook support group. I also know that my nursing baby boy is getting the most nutrient dense milk that he can.  I have fallen in LOVE with this program and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cleanse but not wanting to starve themselves of nutrients or food. Happy Shredding!