A Healthy and Happy You

Don't Let Yourself Get In The Way Of Your Goals

Health and Fitness Coach

Health and Fitness Coach

When it comes to health and nutrition, a lot of us think that it's for someone else, not you! We think, "there's no way I could ever be that healthy, or that fit, or that happy." Well, guess what? You're 100% wrong. You can be healthy, fit, and happy. However, in order to accomplish those things, you must first get out of your own way. YOU are the only one stopping YOU from learning, growing and progressing.

Health and fitness can be a difficult thing to work on because we can't play the blame game. When it comes down to it, YOU are the only one who  makes your food decisions for you or put forth the effort to be physically active, or mentally learn and grow as a person to become a better you. Yes, it's a process of learning and putting forth hard work, but what isn't those things? When we get a new job we must learn the job, put forth effort to make the job work, and while we will make mistakes and errors, we must understand that those minor hangups won't prevent us from moving forward in the job. If you have children you must first learn how to be a parent, you must put forth A TON of hard work, and you must make a million mistakes before you can really develop as a pro parent!

So you see, everything we do in life tends to have some sort of learning curve, some sort of strong will and effort put forth. So, next time you pass by yourself in the mirror, instead of first noticing the negative, say one positive thing about yourself!