Healthy Eating For Parents and Kids


How To Make Health Simple For Families

Healthy eating for busy families can be complicated, unpleasant, and even confusing. My goal is to come alongside parents and their kids who want better health, meet them where they’re at, and empower positive changes along the way.

Below are some helpful resources that I have found to be beneficial to my family, and therefore I want to share them with all of you. Healthy living should not be complicated, unpleasant, or confusing. It should be simple, enjoyable, and come with no warning labels. 


My Health Hacks For The Whole Family

Start Strong Health Challenge


We all know that great health & happiness comes from eating healthy foods, moving, drinking lots of water, and getting lots of sleep every night. 

The Start Strong Kids Book has really helped encourage my children to make those healthier choices.

Smoothies For The Whole Family


When it comes to flooding the body with tons of nutrients, smoothies are my family's go-to. We can cram everything in there such as spinach, chia seeds, carrots, bananas, and all sorts of fruit. And we never forget our Plant Power Powder.

This Pinterest board has some great kid friendly smoothie ideas to get you started. 

Kids Eating Healthy

REAL FOOD FOR real families

Because so many friends of mine struggle with the same things I do when it comes to getting our families to eat healthy, we put together a resource page on FaceBook sharing TONS of parent hacks, recipes, and health tips that we have used that have encouraged ourselves and our families toward healthy living.

Check out our posts and resources to help get your family's health back on track.