Health Is Not Normal For Busy Moms

Choosing Health Over Normalcy

Busy Mom's Healthy Lifestyle

Normal Living

Fatigue, seasonal allergies, headaches, constant sickness, grumpiness, frustration, I thought all of this was part of the Mom Package. I thought living a life in a fog was normal. After all, normal is defined as "conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected" and this zombie life was pretty typical for all of my friends and family.

Every day I woke up, I felt even more tired than when I went to sleep. I woke up already in a bad mood, annoyed, and irritated. Most mornings I woke with a nagging headache and felt like I was sleep walking all day long. I was in my mid-twenties with one child at the time, saying no to mommy-and-me play dates because I was too tired. I couldn't believe that this was how mother-hood was going to be. Was I going to miss out on all of those precious childhood moments because I was napping, snapping, or nagging? I refused to believe that this truly was a normal way of living. I refused to believe that this was the rest of my mother-hood experience. I refused to continue along this path. I HAD to break free and find a better way, something that wasn’t normal.

Choosing A New Path of Non-Normalcy

With one child and a new baby on the way, I was terrified of how my future was going to look. If I was barely surviving with just one child, what would my life look like with two little ones jumping all over me. How was I going to survive and make it through each day. I felt hopeless, scared, exhausted, and angry that I had become a normal mom, that I couldn't push past this fog and snap out of it. I thought I was doing everything right by exercising most days and eating well enough but it wasn't enough. My lifestyle wasn’t enough, which in my mind meant I wasn’t enough.

Enough Is Enough

I will forever be grateful to the amazing mother who shared her health struggles with me and showed me an extremely simple way to go from hopeless to thriving. Fruits, Veggies, and Berries ground up into a powder and put into a capsule? I was extremely skeptical and thought that there was no way that this little "pill" was going to change my life. Boy!, was I wrong and am so happy that I was wrong! 

Come to find out, my body was lacking NUTRITION! My body was in survival mode, just barely hanging on. After consistently flooding my body with TONS of raw produce every single day my fatigue went away, I regained my energy, my morning headaches were non existent, I was smiling more, and over time my seasonal allergies and constant sickness have vanished. And what is even more is that my two children and husband get to flood their bodies with all of this produce allowing them to thrive, have less sick days, and have more energy as well. 

To Good To Be True

After years of saturating my cells with good nutrition, what I thought was too good to be true has turned out to be too good IS true! Not only did my body and my family’s bodies begin to function like a well oiled machine, but we also began to crave more fruits and vegetables, we began to enjoy drinking more water, we began to sleep better, drop those extra pounds we had been struggling to loose, my marriage began to thrive again, and finally believed that I was enough.  

Paying It Forward

Since I know how hopeless feels, and I now know how good truly feels, I share my health story with anyone who will listen because we all deserve to live amazing high quality lives. We all deserve to feel amazing, to not be bogged down with colds and flus all the time, to have energy when we wake up, to not be an angry, moody, frustrated mom. We all deserve to thrive, and the way to get there is by taking those small simple changes toward better health. Drink more water, eat more raw produce, get more sleep, exercise often, and when you need that added support, flooding your body with vine ripened raw produce in a capsule everyday will take you from flying to soaring.