Fitness Guide to Good Health

A Busy Mom's Workout

Workout For A Busy Mom

The Workout Struggle

If you are a mom, then you know the workout struggle is real. Trying to keep up with the unrealistic mom-bod standard can be exhausting and, honestly, unattainable. We complain about the stretch marks, the skin that hangs over our pants, the rolls on our backs, the cellulite and fat lines on our legs on the bodies that just grew and produced another human being. That in itself should be enough, but we continue to tell ourselves that we are not enough and that we need to look like the 20 something year old woman that has been airbrushed in a magazine that has no children. I think it's time we get our priorities straight and learn how to properly take care of our bodies and relearn the real reason behind working out.....Guess What? It's not to have the smallest number on the scale. 

Don't Enter The Gym Unless.....

I'm here to tell you, do not set foot into a gym until you have your health in the right place. The majority of people these days are so malnourished that exercise is actually doing their bodies more harm than good. Too much exercise can take a toll on the immune system, especially if it's not being flooded with proper nutrients in the first place. You will be more vulnerable to germs, which means you're more likely to get sick. Research has shown that endurance athletes have depressed immunity and higher risk of infection, particularly upper respiratory tract infections.  I'm going to share some key elements to our health that need to be in line before we even start to challenge our muscles and bodies in the gym.


Put down the soda, tea, or juice and drink your water. Hydrating the body is crucial to not only keeping up with your physical activity, but for overall good health. Dehydration can affect your performance in the gym, as well as your mood and energy level, and can cause dry eyes, headaches, dizziness, muscle cramping, fever, or lack of sweat. So, don't set foot in that gym unless you know you are fully hydrated or else your body will be very unhappy with you and have a hard time keeping up with any type of physical activity. 


Turn off your phones, shut down that computer, close your eyes, and get some rest. We all need a good nights rest because as soon as we drift off to sleep our body begins important work. While we are sleeping our body heals damaged cells, boosts the immune system, recovers from the day's activities, and recharges the heart and cardiovascular system for the next day. We've all experienced what not-enough-sleep feels like. We feel drowsy, we have a hard time focusing, we crave more unhealthy foods, and we certainly can't workout in the gym. There are many other ins and outs and finer details when it comes to sleep, but what I know is that I don't want to mess with that time when my body rejuvenates itself. Bottom line, you cannot function at your top performance if you don't get adequate sleep, so go rest that sleepy head.


This is something that we all know we need to focus on. This was something that I thought I had a handle on when I was working out 6 days a week, but when I was still coming up short on my energy and mood, was still gaining weight and getting sick more often, I knew something was out of balance. Once I understood how to consistently flood my body with tons of raw nutrition, things started to balance out and my time spent in the gym was more effective and efficient, my recovery was better, and I had more energy throughout my day instead of being run down. So, flood your body with as much raw produce as you can and make sure your plate is filled with lots of plants before you lift those weights.

Physical Activity 

Once you understand the benefits of exercise then you stop worrying so much about the number on the scale. Our cardiovascular system has a pump, our heart, that pumps oxygen and blood throughout the body. However, our lymph system does not have a pump to remove waste so it relies on our physical activity to pump the waste out of our system. If you are idle most of the time then you are storing more toxins in your body then necessary. If you haven't moved your body in a while, when you do, you may find yourself experiencing flu like symptoms as the toxins are released and flushed out of your system. Don't worry, you are not allergic to exercise, but instead flushing out your systems. My recommendation is to move your body most days until you break a sweat. Don't worry about the number on the scale anymore. Instead, make sure you are getting lots of nutrients in your body, make sure you are sleeping well, make sure you are drinking lots of water, and make sure to move your body most days, and then you will find your body will be functioning at its top potential. Remember, it's quality over quantity.