Margaret Lynn Joyner

From Hopeless to Thriving

Margaret Lynn's Health Journey

A hopeless moM

I used to think that living life in a fog and feeling
 tired, grumpy, and frustrated all the time was normal. Constant sickness, 
allergies, headaches, fatigue I thought were all part of the Mom Package.
Too tired to even play with my children was not how I had envisioned mother-hood.
Although I was told that everything I was experiencing was normal
I felt hopeless, and was sick and tired of being sick and tired.


break free mom

My life forever changed when another mom shared her health struggles with me and showed
me an extremely simple way to go from hopeless to thriving by flooding
my body with TONS of nutrition. Even on a good day, I was certainly not getting
the recommended 9-13 servings of raw produce in my body and after feeding my body
thousands of phytonutrients every day the fog soon began to lift and
the once zombie mom began to thrive.


My freedom revolution

My mission is to now share this incredible gift of health with other
struggling moms who are ready to break free of that hopeless,
zombie life. I now get to live a "not normal" life that is filled with
energy, smiles, allergy-free seasons, and rare sick days, and I am now a
Mom that can run circles around her 2 high-spirited children.

I am so grateful to this Freedom Revolution because this incredible gift of health
has now become an incredible gift of wealth. Once a work-a-holic mom who
missed WAY too many nights tucking the kids into bed, I now get to
stay home more with my family while building a stable and lasting business
that I get to manage when, where, and how I want,
allowing our family to DREAM big.


your one simple change

If you want to transform your health and perhaps even your wealth,
then let's lock arms together and begin by taking healthy back
and making just One Simple Change.